Highly esteemed prospective participants, dear guests,

It’s a thrilling privilege and unutterable honor to welcome and serve you all to the fifth annual session of the Troy Model United Nations Conference 2022. My name is Baran Akarsu and it is my utmost honor to serve you as the Secretary-General. The fifth annual session of TROYMUN is organized by the Çanakkale Koleji and it will take place in one of Turkey’s most fascinating and historical cities, Çanakkale. By means of its wealthy history province has witnessed two very important battles in history. Especially the Trojan war which immortalized in its story with the most known sight of the city The Wooden Horse.The other one is the Battle of Çanakkale which took place during World War I when Turkish troops under the command of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk maintained the defense of the region and Çanakkale has taken its place in history as “Çanakkale; unpassable ” . Also witnessed Persians, Romans and Lydians and has a critical importance in mythology, Çanakkale brings the past and present together With its ancient and intellectual atmosphere this “ golden city of the history “ is one the best locations to organize a Model United Conference.

As well as the previous conferences we have the same excitement, energy, happiness to serve you all. Our academic and operations teams made an incredible effort to provide you with an unforgettable MUN experience. We will host four committees in our fifth edition for our junior and senior delegates with agenda items that belongs to the current topics and problems of our world. Delegates of the United Nations Environment Programme will focus on combating against climate change while delegates settle to the United Nations Human Rights Council will try to find suitable, reasonable solutions to immigration crisis and Disarmament and International Security Committee will discuss Reconfiguration of Mass Destruction Weapons. Lastly we will host a special committee that will simulate Cuban misille crisis. I have full faith in all of our board members to guide you through the rules of procedure so that all of the delegates can provide negotiation ,conflict resolution, critical thinking, diplomacy, and collaboration which are called 21. Century skills as they act as world leaders and diplomats. As the Academic team we support and wish you all beneficial and efficient debates.

As a reminder we are expecting you to have fun and aim to habituate you with the social, environmental and political problems of our world and enable to provide your skills for the future, these events also present incredible opportunities for you to make a lot of friends and memories.Make sure to enjoy yourselves during the breaks and social events that our operations team prepared for you to have a great time. I want to emphasize that i really thank to our teams for their trilingual work ethic , dedication and never ending energy.

Moreover behalf of the Çanakkale Koleji and TROYMUN Family, I would like to thank you for your consideration with great pleasure and host you all to the fifth annual session of TROYMUN. We will do one’s best for you to present new perspectives to become the delegates of the future. Your ideas and solutions will shape the future but in that time don’t forget to chase your dreams .Let’s get along between us this November at Çanakkale to take a part in creating something new by what the ministers, presidents and government officials discuss and see if we can do the things differently. Do not forget to being a part of this conference and read your study guides, find some motions and prepare some speeches.Buckle your seatbelts for a three days of perfection and diplomacy.We hope that this conference will take itself a place in your memories and what you’re going to tell.

Best Regards,

Baran Akarsu

Secretary General of TROYMUN 2022

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Parion Hotel, Çanakkale

November 27-28-29 Troymun Junior

November 30 Cultural Tour

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